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What is Danzan Ryu Jujitsu?


Danzan Ryu is a system of martial and healing arts that captures the essence of traditional Japanese Budo (warrior skills) and delivers it with the warmth and power of Hawai’i nei (Hawaiian culture) The system was created in the early 1920s by Henry Seishiro Okazaki. Professor Okazaki had immigrated to Hawai’i from Japan at an early age in search of work in the islands. When as a young man he was diagnosed with incurable tuberculosis he committed himself wholeheartedly to his martial arts training and put his health in the hands of his sensei. He ultimately recovered and dedicated his life to the practice and teachings of what is now Danzan Ryu. Jujitsu is a Japanese philosophy of self-defense, relying on skill and technique rather than strength and size. Judo is the practice of the “Way” of Jujitsu. It’s the elevation of one’s total self by understanding and adopting the principles of Ju into your manner of being. Professor Okazaki referred to his style of Jujitsu as “Judo” because he believed it was a path to greater self-awareness and health. Danzan Ryu Judo/Jujitsu training is systematic and comprehensive. It involves learning to roll and fall (Sutemi), to move and balance (Tai Sabaki), to escape from grabs and manipulate joints (Yawara), to throw & project (Nage), to submit an opponent (Shime), to counter and transition (Oku), to reverse damage and heal injuries (Seifukujitsu), as well as many other in-depth areas of focus. Training is completed in phases or “transmissions.”



Lt. Angel Lopez 

Nidan (2nd Degree Blackbelt) DZR

Master level in Baguazhang

I began my training in the 1980's with American Wrestling and Judo.  After high school I became a member of the Chicago Fire Dept. where I hold the rank of Lieutenant/EMT (south side). During this time I searched to continue my martial studies but kept getting turned away from Brazilian Jui-jutsu schools because of my size. I gave up my search until my son showed interest in the arts.  I enrolled him in Danzan Ryu under the teachings of my sensei Filiberto Gutierrez. I watched from the sides for 6 months before I realized he would teach anyone regardless of size or age. So I began my studies in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and gained my Shodan in 2 years.  Along with this I trained in the healing arts of Seifukujutsu. My most recent studies have been in the ancient form of Baguazhang (eight trigram palm). I am a firm believer in combining the study of movement (kinesiology) and the building of "Chi" to better ones health and to learn the healing touch. A quote from deceased Prof. Brown "You happen to learn to kick ass along the way." I always come across critics who don't believe because of their perception of a martial artist until they see what I can do.

We are an AJJF certified school and recognized by USA Judo Olympics.  Please visit for more info. The American Judo and Jujitsu Federation is a worldwide organization of martial arts schools dedicated to the preservation and promulgation of the Danzan Ryu system of Jujitsu.
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